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The holistic approach to serving our elder clients.


Traditionally, the delivery of legal services involves any attorney providing a client with legal advice, representing a client in court or drafting a legal instrument for a client.  This approach is appropriate for most situations.  However, elder clients have special circumstances and special needs.  These needs involve health care delivery, asset protection and qualification for assistance.. 

To address these varied but closely related issues, this office takes a holistic approach to serving our clients.  Our clients not only receive legal services but also receive the advice and assistance of a geriatric case manager. 

Our geriatric case manager consults on an ongoing basis with the elder client and their loved ones to determine the present needs of the client and to anticipate the future needs of the client.  The geriatric case manager communicates with health care providers on behalf of the elder client to develop a personalized care plan.  Also, the geriatric case manager identifies and locates programs which can provide needed services.

Effectively serving our elder clients means providing comprehensive service:  legal counsel coupled with geriatric case management.