About Us

Cox Law Office TeamOver the years of my practice, I have had the occasion to deal with many clients in various types of legal matters. I have found that the needs of elder clients and their loved ones are wide-ranging.  I have also found that every client’s situation is unique. As a result of the blessing of long life, my own family is now involved in the elder experience.

Put simply, it is the goal of our office to provide peace of mind to the elder client and family members. Too often decisions involving the acquisition of health care services, asset management and qualification for programs and benefits are made on a crisis-to-crisis basis. Our method of dealing with these issues is to plan, to be proactive, to anticipate needs and to fashion personalized solutions.

On the title page of this website is our symbol – the scales of justice, resting upon an oak leaf and encircled by olive branches.  The scales represent the delivery of legal service.  The oak leaf is a symbol of the blessing of long life.  The olive branches are representative of peace, in this case, peace of mind.  The word picture presented is that of a law practice for persons of long life which seeks to achieve peace of mind for them and their loved ones.  Thanks to Ms. Hayley Langteau of Atlanta, graphic design artist, who created our symbol for our use.

Terry C. Cox